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  • Kambòdža — ž geogr. država u JI Aziji s izlazom na Južnokinesko more (naziv Kampućija 1979–1989), glavni grad Phnom Penh …   Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika

  • Kambodža — Kambòdža ž DEFINICIJA geogr. država u JI Aziji s izlazom na Južnokinesko more (naziv Kampućija 1979 1989), 181.916 km2, 9,2 mil. stan., glavni grad Phnom Penh …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • Indokina — Indokína ž DEFINICIJA geogr. veliki poluotok u JI Aziji između Indije i Kine na kojem su Vijetnam, Kambodža, Laos, Tajland, Burma i kopneni dio Malezije, o. 2 mil. km2 SINTAGMA Francuska Indokina geogr. pov. dio Indokine koji je 1888 1954.… …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • Khasas — The Khasas are an ancient people, believed to be a section of the Indo Iranians who originally belonged to Central Asia from where they had penetrated, in remote antiquity, the Himalayas through Kashgar and Kashmir and dominated the whole hilly… …   Wikipedia

  • Huna (people) — ). Obv: Napki Malka type bust, winged headdress with bull head in the center. Pahlavi legend NAPKI MALKA . Rev: Zoroastrian fire altar with attendants either side. Sun wheel, or possibly eight spoked Buddhist Dharmacakra, above left.] The Huna… …   Wikipedia

  • Daradas — were a people who lived north and north east to the Kashmir valley. This kingdom is identified to be the Gilgit region in Kashmir along the river Sindhu or Indus. They are often spoken along with the Kambojas. The Pandava hero Arjuna had visited… …   Wikipedia

  • Tushara Kingdom — Tusharas (alias Tukharas, Tocharians) were a Mlechcha tribe, with their kingdom located in the north west of India as per the epic Mahabharata. An account in Mahabharata (Mbh 1:85) depicts Mlechchas as the descendants of Anu, one of the cursed… …   Wikipedia

  • Kampùćija — ž geogr., {{c=1}}v. {{ref}}Kambodža{{/ref}} …   Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika

  • Kampućija — Kampùćija ž DEFINICIJA geogr., v. Kambodža …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • Kambodžanin — Kambòdžanin m (Kambòdžānka ž) <N mn Kambòdžani> DEFINICIJA stanovnik ili državljanin Kambodže ETIMOLOGIJA vidi Kambodža …   Hrvatski jezični portal

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